Sunday, 1 January 2012

PsiMe # 9

Oh god floor opening up! Falling! Oh how I missed the feeling of falling to my death. I wonder how sarcasm translates through the PsiMe thi- Woah lurching feeling not fun! O.K. nauseous now and lying flat on my back on the side of the pit I was falling down. I guess it's a tunnel now... Give me a few seconds to breathe then I'll be on my way... This tunnel is long. Wait why am I heading this direction? I could head back up I bet they won't be expecting tha- Oh god they were expecting that! More shadowy things a whole herd of them! Running away now! Wait herd is that right? Herd of shadowy things? Is there a proper term for a group of shadowy things? If there isn't do I get to come up with one? If so I think they should be called a Shade. A shade of shadowy things! Hmm if I die here that could potentially be my only contribution to the world. Portnoy Augustus the guy who came up with the name for a group of shadowy things... Why the hell am I thinking about this when I should be focused on running for my life!? Sudden door! 

1 comment:

  1. I hate falling. Shadowy things and Shade and running. I'm so glad I'm not you.