Sunday, 8 January 2012

PsiMe # 16

So apparently I was removed from existence for about 3 years how long has it been for all of you? Alright anyways I'm going to try my best to recount exactly what happened. So there I was running for my life- I mean fighting valiantly against the horrible demonic version of me when suddenly everything exploded into colours and then I was floating in nothingness with my demonic brother. I don't know how I know how long we were like that but I just know it was at least three years. Then I felt a tugging sensation and woke up in what looks like a lab. My demonic brother woke up here too but some automated ceiling mounted turrets took care of him.The laptop and PsiMe are here too I can't see them clearly but I can see words appearing so I'm assuming that it's writing out these thoughts right now. I'm strapped to a table. I can't move anything but my head. I am trying not to move too much anyways though as I'm pretty sure those turrets are motion activated. Wait I hear footsteps. OH MY GOD! It's her! The smoking hot me! Oh shit she can read this! Oh shit she is reading this! Um... Hi. She's smiling I hope that's a good thing. She says that it is a good thing. I can't speak... Actually come to think of it I don't think I've said a word since I got here... She says that's normal. I'm not sure how she knows this. She says it's part of the test. Everything I say is information they can't grade so they removed your ability to speak. I mean my ability to speak... Is there a better way we can talk? Ok she's now going to type in her responses directly so I don't have to keep recounting them. You're probably wondering where you are and how you got here. Well I don't know why you or I are here in the city The City Shush no one cares. I was the one who brought you to this room and saved your life though. See, you or more accurately us, everyone of us, was brought here for the test from what, I assume, is multiple dimensions. Each one of us goes through the test until we die or I guess pass. I'm pretty sure  no one has passed yet. Then the next one is brought in and it continues. The fact your here means that I'm undoubtedly going to die and have in fact died already in your normal timeline. But we aren't in your normal timeline. I brought you into mine so we can talk. I found this room and you would have too had your test continued normally. This room is supposed to be merely another trial but for me it was an opportunity. I am, well, was a quantum physicist in my own world and well you've already realized physics is kind of fucked up here. So  with the randomized laws here it wasn't hard to use this rooms technology to create well actually I'm not sure what to call it... a time machine I guess? Using your blog it was easy to pinpoint your location and the time you were currently at so I brought you here. Why? Loneliness mostly. I've been here for years now with no one else to speak to. It's been driving me mad. I wanted company. She's stopped typing. She's moving away from the computer towards me. She's staring at me... Oh my god I'm kissing myself! This is incredibly wrong! But oh damn does it feel right! What the fuck is that tapping sound? Oh god the door just broke open! It's the shadow guys! They destroyed the turrets! Run me! Run! Oh god no! It's the claw guy! No please no! she's dead... Stabbed her through the stomach. Oh God he's coming towards me! I don't want to die! He didn't kill me... He just severed the straps and left. Ahh my head! Not again! The test continues. This slight distraction will represent a single black mark on your final evaluation no more. You will be sent back now.  

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