Sunday, 22 January 2012

PsiMe # 30

I'm in a room. There's no way out and I'm not alone. There's a me here. He's dead. He looks about 12. There's writing on all the walls. Written in blood. His blood. Done purposely by the looks of it. Something stabbed him and he wrote a message on the wall in his blood as he died. His final message. It's a shame it's in Japanese and I can't read it. He does have a bag with him. It's filled with some useful stuff. Some food, mostly gummi bears but also some apples. A couple of soda cans. No gingerale? Well now I'm starting to doubt he's really me. There's also a knife in here and something rectangular. It looks like some kind of cellphone or something but it's not like anything I've seen before. It has the same name the PsiMe had. Lavern Tinj inc. I guess this poor guy must be from the future or something. Hey! What if he's not me? What if he's like a relative? Maybe he's like my grandson or something? If so does that mean I survive all this? I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Let's focus on getting out of here.

The walls are all made out of iron and there are no doors. The ceiling is so high that it's obscured by the sheer distance and the floor is iron as well. O.K. so that's it for obvious ways out. Kid doesn't seem to have any inclination to become a portal either. Wait I think I got it. There are spots on the wall. Slightly different colours than the rest of the wall. Damn kid. His last will and testament made it really hard to spot them. Let's see here. Oh shit pressing the wall caused a spear to launch down from the ceiling missing me by an inch. It's now retracting into the ceiling. I guess I know how the kid died. Pressing the buttons brings down spears from heaven. One of them must show the way out I just need to be wary when pressing them. Gah! Not that one! Fuck shit fuck that hurt! Damn spear stabbed me in the heel... Ow ow ow... Kid doesn't have any bandages of course... Well I'm taking your sleeve instead then. Geez I'm really disrespectful to myself and or my grandson aren't I? O.K. I have to keep trying the buttons, but that last one was far too close! They're unpredictable. I only have two more buttons left.

Ha ha ha you missed me you bastard! Last one! I win! No no damn you no! There aren't any more buttons and that one triggered a spear as well! There's no way out of this? No way out! Game over man! Wait! The spears. They retract slowly toward the ceiling maybe I can ride one up to the ceiling? That has to be it. O.K. trigger it and- Grab it! O.K. foothold is cutting into the sole of my foot, but it seems to be working. I wonder how long it'll take to reach the top.

What if the spear just goes into a hole in the ceiling and there's nothing up there? I'll fall to my death. Perhaps this wasn't so well thought out. I can sort of see the ceiling. There's no holes but there are a shit ton of spears up here. More than there were buttons actually. That's weird... O.K. It's as high as it can go. I can't see anything through all these spears though. It's like a forest in my way. I am carefully stepping from spear to spear now. Don't want to misstep. Oh hey I was right! There's a door up here! I just have to get over to it. Alright now opening the do-Fuck! Holy shit! Deep breaths... Just as I grabbed the doorknob all the spears launched at once... I'm hanging from the doorknob now... I don't want to fall. Opening the door very carefully...

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