Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PsiMe # 32

I... No... Stop... I can't... Ugh... How did I forget? Did it make me forget? Why would it allow me to be reminded? Was tormenting me like that just too good an opportunity to pass up? Is it so sadistic that it would drop an entire plan just to hurt me further? They call it The City. They say it's all around me. It's this place I'm trapped in. Can it truly be alive? They say they're testing me. What are they testing? Who are they? There are so many questions and I have yet to answer any of them. Where am I? The walls are spinning.

No wait I'm spinning. I'm on a revolving disc. There are 4 buttons set up around the disc each one in front of one of the walls. The walls have a faded imprint of a door in them directly in front of the buttons.  I can't move anything, but my hand. I suppose I have to press one of the buttons and that will open one of the doors. Seems simple enough. There's some writing on the buttons. The Engineer, The Wizard, The Doctor and The Madman. I guess I choose The Madman...

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    Stupid kids and their random buttons.