Wednesday, 25 January 2012

PsiMe # 33

The disc has stopped spinning. I still can't move. Something is rumbling. I get the feeling this was a bad choice. Oh god I'm being launched at the wall! Door opening! I passed through and there was a sound like something shattered. Hope it wasn't me. O.K. taking stock. The shattering sound was not apparently any of my bones. I'm in a padded room. I'm sure at least someone reading this will make the joke that I probably belong in one, but regardless. There's another body here in a straight jacket. Also more writing on the walls. This time it's in English.

"The cold one roams the parapets"


"The shadows have no caster"

"The god can die"

They're all pretty random and the last one is written in bright red letters. I don't know how they were written since it's not blood and I don't see anything to write with here. Hey there's a key around the corpse's neck. Gah! It's not a corpse! Ah! He bit my hand! Woah that's a creepy grin. Oh shit! He's coming towards me. I need that key, but first I need to stop him from killing me! I need to grab something to use as a weapon, but there's nothing in here?! Fuck it... Tackled! Take this and this and some of these! I think he's unconscious? I'm not waiting for him to wake up. Grabbing the key from him and getting the hell out of here.

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