Sunday, 29 January 2012

PsiMe # 37

I am back on the disc. All the lights are on and the buttons are gone. What happens now? The disc just sunk slightly into the ground. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to be falling again soon. Oh, hey I was wrong it's an elevator. Where am I going? This is a really long elevator ride. One hour... Two hours... Three hours... JESUS CHRIST THIS IS LONG! Oh wow. O.K. the elevator has stopped and I am in a room. I am trying to think of how to describe the size of this place but, well... big is just a word. It's held up by a giant pillar seemingly made out of computers. There's a keyboard at the bottom and an indent. I wonder if maybe-

Yes! That weird object I took from my dead self fits perfectly in the indent. There's a screen lighting up now. It's his blog. Of course he had the PsiMe as well. The last post reads: "I hope you can read Japanese, but if not then this message will not be much help," Well thanks a lot. Wait! I think this is a translation of the message on the wall!

"I know what's going on. I am... Was capable of seeing the future and I saw what awaited us. This test. The Empty City is trying to create a key. It's trying to make us a key. We are special I'm not sure why, but somehow we, as in all of us, are connected to The City. It is part of us. We can, given the right prompting, Exert our own will on the city equivalent to the control it has over itself. It intends to use this. If you pass the test it will send you back to your world and it will use you to bring itself through. The entire universe will become an extension of the city and everyone will be a victim. I chose to die rather than let this happen and left a message for all those who follow. As I'm sure most of you were smart enough to grab the laptop the first time you found it so you can keep track of the PsiMe (Oops) you should be able to translate it. If not I am leaving my handheld computer. You won't be able to use it without the right implants but you should be able to find a computer to activate it and read this. Hopefully you will not read this message too late."

Well... Um... Damn. I hope I'm not reading this too late either. There's a door here with the symbol of a large maze on it and the words "Final Evaluation." I guess this is it.


  1. You waited three hours and literally the only thoughts you had during them were "One hour... Two hours... Three hours.. JESUS CHRIST THIS IS LONG?" o____o