Monday, 23 January 2012

PsiMe # 31

Oh god that smell! I'm in what looks like a hospital hallway. I've never liked hospitals. Not for the same reasons as other people though. I have no problem with the sickness or the depression or the ever present atmosphere of death. It's the smell. I absolutely hate that smell. It makes my eyes water. The hallway is a little weird. The doors don't have doorknobs from what I can see and they seem to be made out of solid metal. I'm not sure what kind of metal, but they look like they could survive a rocket fired at close range without a scratch.

A door just opened up ahead. I hear voices. I can't make them out. The door slammed when I got near. I almost jumped out of my skin. More doors are opening. More unintelligible whispers. No matter what I do the whispers are just loud enough to hear, but just quiet enough they can't be made out. It's infuriating. The doors also tend to slam whenever I get close and I mean close. They always slam when they are mere seconds from slamming on my fingers or in my face. I've stopped going towards them, but that just makes the whispering worse. It's driving me nuts.

The whispers contain the secret to everything, anything! All I could ever possibly want and need to know and I can't hear them! I need to get out of here before I go mad but none of these doors have handles! There's no way out of this endless hallway! I'm Running! The voices are screeching in my ears! Doors are opening and slamming all around me! The smell! The bright white hallway stretching forever!
A door opened as I reached it. There's more whispers, but I can understand them. They're saying my name. The door is right next to me. The voices are right in my ear, but I don't want to look I don't know why. Pain, sadness, and death await me if I look.

The whispers they're a voice now a voice I recognize. I don't know why I recognize the voice or why I suddenly feel so cold. I turn. It's a girl. No! It's her! I remember her now! I want to run to her, but something is wrong. There's a huge hole in her stomach and her guts are spilling out. Her eyes are glazed and unfocused. She's dead. She moves! She reaches for me. I can't move. I don't want to move. Pain! Four deep gashes in my cheek! She cut me. Her hands are normal! How did she cut me? I still can't move. She's reaching again! Run. Run! RUN DAMN IT!

I'm running whatever was holding me there it's gone. I don't know what's going on I'm just running. I can't run anymore. I'm out of breath and my foot is hurting badly. I hear a scraping sound and the whispers have started up again. Where's the scraping sound coming from? Holy shit! Giant slashes appeared in the wall right by my head. Screw the pain running again! The whispers are laughing now! I don't want to die. Especially not like this! Not by her... Open door! It didn't slam! Only chance!

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    At this point, I wonder if your body is like hamburger by now.