Saturday, 28 January 2012

PsiMe # 36

I'm back on the disc. I failed. I failed my mother. I had him. I could have- But, I didn't. I faltered. I let him beat me. I had power there just for a second. The power of The Empty City. The power to bend reality to my will. The power of a god. I could have destroyed him, but still I lost and now the power is gone and I'm mute again.

There's only one more button. The Doctor. The shattering sound was louder this time and I seem to be in a hospital hallway again. There's a different smell this time though. The smell of decay. Oh jesus! What the fuck!? Phew... That caught me by surprise. I turned into a room and found my self face to face with what I thought was a face with a disturbing beak like protuberance but it seems to just be a mask hanging on a hook. Like one of those old doctors from the plague era.

I wonder how I'm supposed to get out of here? Hmm This place is like a maze. Doesn't seem to be anything here though. At least nothing dangerous. Huh? What the hell? It's that mask again. Except it's not on a hook... It's on a face... Run? Yeah that's probably a good idea. Running now. Where the hell is the exit? Why do the exits always have to be so hard to find!? Oh god I feel nauseous. I can't breathe. There's something in the air. A neon sign? Vision is blurry. I think it says Emergency exit. I hope I'm right. Oh god I can't run anymore. I feel weak... Crawl! The exit is just ahead...

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