Sunday, 15 January 2012

PsiMe # 23

Welcome to the universe. My universe. I can see the entire world below me. Miniscule, small, More synonyms for little... Insignificant. I could reach out and crush it in my grasp. In fact I just might. The entire world is in my hands. I can feel them. All of the living things on this puny little planet. Tiny worthless creatures... The City is here as well and those shadow things and the creature with the claws... All of them at my mercy. Other creatures too... A faceless stranger with long arms, A boy who has lived forever alone, the voices written into sound, the mistress of the strings, the thing in the water, The smiling hate, The swarm, The darkness on the wind, The Disease bringer, The body jumper, The judge and executioner, The four legged seeker, The memory stealer, The mechanical monster, The gravedigger and her... I spare them because of her... I'm standing in an ocean... I'm confused... What happened? It's all a jumble... I don't know what was going on... I remember the world. I remember thoughts of anger and hatred... and power. Unbelievable power... Then all I remember is her and I'm here now... Alone and powerless again at the mercy of The City... There's a door with me on the water. I don't know what's going on anymore... I remember I'm supposed to go through the doors...


  1. How did it feel to play God for a little while?

    And why did you spare them if you knew They were the source of your pain? You're a hell of a lot better person than I am.

  2. I like all the creative names you used for them. They're still just the Fears. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. And a Fear by any other name.. well, they scare just the same.