Saturday, 21 January 2012

PsiMe # 29

The light feels so good. Warm and friendly... It loves me. I love it. It's going to help me get out of here all I have to do is go to sleep... Night night world... I woke up and I'm alone again. The light is gone but I'm out of the library at least... I seem to be on a boat. Like a medium size boat... There's rushing water all around me... Well no not on the boat I mean the sound of rushing water in every direction... This seems familiar... I know this I know the name of this boat... I know where I am... I'm on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara falls... I also know when I am... My 13th birthday... We went to niagara falls... Me, two friends and my family... That's when my father died... He was standing next to me telling me about the waterfalls when suddenly he began to choke... He doubled over and began coughing and choking. There was blood... The paramedics came but no matter what they did he wouldn't stop choking then he collapsed and he never got back up... The party was cut short and we went back home the next day. My mother never remarried I never saw any of my friends from the party again... I became reclusive and isolated... One night I was in my room on my computer. The internet was my only connection to the world. My release from isolation... That night though I heard a clatter downstairs. I went downstairs and as I descended the steps I heard singing... Someone young was in my living room singing... It terrified me. When I reached the last step I heard my mother scream then all the sounds stopped and the temperature which I hadn't noticed was freezing began warming back up... I didn't need to look into the living room. I knew my mom was dead and I knew why. Not how. I still don't know how but I knew why. Because like me she had isolated herself after my father's death. It was loneliness. Loneliness had killed her and it would kill me too if I remained alone... I was sent to live with my uncle and aunt after and I immediately began making as many friends as I could. I never wanted to be alone and until now I never have been... When I pass this test I'll never have to be alone again... I know this now. That will be my reward. I will never be lonely again. The door to the cabin is different than usual. It's got to be my way out. Always move forward no more looking back.

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  1. So much blood.


    Oh holy fuck, I'm sorry.

    I have to go now.