Wednesday, 18 January 2012

PsiMe # 26

Falling through the atmosphere! I must admit this is a new one... I have just jumped from the moon down to earth and am now falling through the clouds. Because of course everyone knows there's gravity in space and things never burn up when  they hit the atmosphere. I bet I'll survive this fall as well... I should be happy physics doesn't work here but really it just annoys me... The clouds are passing by slowly... Wait clouds passing? I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be passing clouds... I should be passing through water in the atmosphere not fluffy white things? Shouldn't I? I just landed on a cloud... It feels like a marshmallow... There's a door here... Actually there are three doors here... No wait six... Wait twelve... The doors are multiplying is what I'm trying to say here... Now the doors are changing colour. Each one has a symbol on it. I don't recognize any of the symbols. A circle with an x in it... A weird almost jewish star. Like two triangles overlapping... A weird sign hard to describe it's like a winding line going through a diagonal straight line... The others are even weirder... I need to pick a door... Too many to eeny meeny miney mo this time... So I'm just going to spin and point and spi-Oh god I'm falling!


  1. I would say each of those doors leads to a different Nightmare's domain. Oh hey, go through the one that has a straightjacket on the front if you can. That one'll be sure to be roses and sunshine! ;)

    1. Of course the roses might try to eat him . . .

      Haven't been commenting here because I'm not sure he's able to read these. He's usually nowhere near a computer you see . . .

    2. I like to think the comments are encouraging. Maybe they go straight to his brain? Just.. let's be careful not to do the caps lock, just in case..

  2. Catch a tiger by the toe?

    No, seriously, who the fuck is Funden, by the way?