Thursday, 26 January 2012

PsiMe # 34

I immediately find myself back on the disc. The Madman button is gone, but the other three are still lit. I choose The Engineer this time and again I am launched forward. Again there's the sound of something shattering. This time I'm in a workshop. There seem to be half finished robotic machines arrayed haphazardly around the room. There's a door. It has an electronic lock and it seems the power is out. There's a generator of some kind in the corner. It has an on/off switch currently set to off. This seems too easy.

I hit the on button and suddenly a klaxon is going off and there are things starting to move all around me! The lights just turned off. O.K. Calmly try and move towards the door. Ignore anything around you. Something just brushed by me. Oh shit the lights are back on and I'm surrounded by terrifying mutilated robotic monstrosities! I'm just going to calmly- OH SHIT RUN! Where the hell is the door? Oh god why are their claws covered in blood!? Door! There's the door! Oh god what the hell is up with the electric chainsaw!? They're trying to keep me away from the door. This is bad. This is very bad! O.K. I picked up a wrench. Let's fucking do this! Charge! Oh god! Die! Die! Die! Door! Open! OPEN! No! DIE! HA HA FREEDOM!

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