Monday, 9 January 2012

PsiMe # 17

Gah bright light! Oh I'm back in the forest. Seems the shadow people are somehow blaming me for that. Er well I guess I was kind of responsible... But not me me. The other me... The hot sexy me... The hot sexy dead me... Give me a minute... Ok... I guess I should be annoyed that they're blaming me when I had nothing to do with it but I can't really feel that at the moment... I'm still too shocked... That was my first kiss... And now she's dead... And she was me from an alternate universe... I don't know what to think anymore... The other thought that comes to mind is I'm doomed... She said she'd been here alone for years... and that no one else had ever passed the test... which means I'm probably going to die here as well... You know it just occurred to me I mentioned earlier that I was the last one. How do I know that? Am I the last one? I feel that I am... No I know that I am... But why and how do I know this... I'm back in the forest again who cares... I should just lay down and let them kill me but I can't. I feel like I'd be letting all those other mes down. I need to pass the test or at least try my best. So, where's the exit? That tree has a large hole in it's trunk... I'm willing to bet that's actually the exit. Well might as well find out. Hear this now City. I'm going to pass this test and then I'm going to find some way to get back at you for what you've done to me. All the mes... Us? Whatever!

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