Monday, 16 January 2012

PsiMe # 24

I just woke up today... I've never been awake before... It's a strange feeling... I feel so... Real? Is that a good word? I feel free. I'm in my bedroom. I never left my bedroom. There's no door. There never was a door. The window is shattered. The window has always been shattered. I am a god. I have always been a god. I'm dreaming. You're not dreaming Oh god my head! Uhn... What the hell? I'm in my room again? No demonic me this time though.  I can't remember anything since the desert. There's something on the wall... It says "She's dead" Woah the writing on the wall is writing itself as I watch. "She has always been dead. You never met her forget about her. Always move forward never look back. Your evaluation is waiting." Ok... I don't understand most of that but I do remember the word evaluation. This is a test right? I forgot that somehow. I need to pass this test for... Um someone... Strange I can't remember... Doors got to find a door! Or window... No Windows are bad I remember now I don't like windows... Door their has to be a door... There's no door There has never been a door Shut the hell up! Ok where was I? Oh right... I just remembered the last time I was here the room was upside down it's right side up now. Wait! There is a door! There is no door Not the bedroom door the closet door! Wow... It's like Narnia... My closet is a wintery forest... Take one step...


  1. There has never been a door. Are you sure you're okay? The Doors don't exist. No, no, that wouldn't make any sense. That'd mean.. *gasp* that the Boogeyman was real, too!

    All kidding aside, nice Narnia reference. Where's that witch bitch on the other side?

  2. I love how that shit is underlined. Someone else speaking, or just you going crazy?