Monday, 30 January 2012

PsiMe # 38

I'm back in the city street. Gah! My head! Memories flooding my head again, everything I've been through all the mes... A voice... from far away... "are you ready?" I am ready. "Then step through the door," A door has appeared before me. A door out of the city. I won't go. I won't doom the universe to the same hell you put me through. The door is opening. I can see my parents in their bed. It is trying to tempt me but I will not falter. I have been gone for a month in real time at least. I am dead to them and if I go through I will merely bring them suffering.

The image in the door changes it is now an image of her still alive in her own universe. I could be with her before she died. No. Time is fixed. If I go to her now some day she will be brought into the city and still die. You can not tempt me city all you can offer me is suffering. A statue appears of the frozen boy. The threat is clear, but I don't fear him any more. I have power now. I could have beaten him then and I can beat him now. You know I can.

The City is trying to force me through the door. A pillar has attempted to knock me inside I stopped it with my hand. The room shrinks in size until it is just the door and me and then begins shrinking further. I stop it with my mind. We are now in a room that looks like my house. I brought us here.

The city creates monsters I turn them to dust. The shadows... no The Nightlanders and The Rake arrive I create a door. The Nightlanders break and flee The City. The Rake advances. I force it through the door as well and seal them outside. The City is angry now. I can feel its rage. A door opens beneath me, but I remove gravity. The ceiling forces me down, but there is no ceiling. I am a god here now. You have created your demise.

You can't stop me. You can't force me to follow your plan. No, that is correct. I cannot truly harm you either. I can still inconvenience you. Those you trap within yourself will no longer be powerless against you. I shall be their guardian and you shall never feed again. I summon the PsiMe before me. It no longer serves a purpose. Goodbye.

User has disconnected

Username: Test Subject # 33Alpha S9
Password: MORTAL GOD

Signing off...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

PsiMe # 37

I am back on the disc. All the lights are on and the buttons are gone. What happens now? The disc just sunk slightly into the ground. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to be falling again soon. Oh, hey I was wrong it's an elevator. Where am I going? This is a really long elevator ride. One hour... Two hours... Three hours... JESUS CHRIST THIS IS LONG! Oh wow. O.K. the elevator has stopped and I am in a room. I am trying to think of how to describe the size of this place but, well... big is just a word. It's held up by a giant pillar seemingly made out of computers. There's a keyboard at the bottom and an indent. I wonder if maybe-

Yes! That weird object I took from my dead self fits perfectly in the indent. There's a screen lighting up now. It's his blog. Of course he had the PsiMe as well. The last post reads: "I hope you can read Japanese, but if not then this message will not be much help," Well thanks a lot. Wait! I think this is a translation of the message on the wall!

"I know what's going on. I am... Was capable of seeing the future and I saw what awaited us. This test. The Empty City is trying to create a key. It's trying to make us a key. We are special I'm not sure why, but somehow we, as in all of us, are connected to The City. It is part of us. We can, given the right prompting, Exert our own will on the city equivalent to the control it has over itself. It intends to use this. If you pass the test it will send you back to your world and it will use you to bring itself through. The entire universe will become an extension of the city and everyone will be a victim. I chose to die rather than let this happen and left a message for all those who follow. As I'm sure most of you were smart enough to grab the laptop the first time you found it so you can keep track of the PsiMe (Oops) you should be able to translate it. If not I am leaving my handheld computer. You won't be able to use it without the right implants but you should be able to find a computer to activate it and read this. Hopefully you will not read this message too late."

Well... Um... Damn. I hope I'm not reading this too late either. There's a door here with the symbol of a large maze on it and the words "Final Evaluation." I guess this is it.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

PsiMe # 36

I'm back on the disc. I failed. I failed my mother. I had him. I could have- But, I didn't. I faltered. I let him beat me. I had power there just for a second. The power of The Empty City. The power to bend reality to my will. The power of a god. I could have destroyed him, but still I lost and now the power is gone and I'm mute again.

There's only one more button. The Doctor. The shattering sound was louder this time and I seem to be in a hospital hallway again. There's a different smell this time though. The smell of decay. Oh jesus! What the fuck!? Phew... That caught me by surprise. I turned into a room and found my self face to face with what I thought was a face with a disturbing beak like protuberance but it seems to just be a mask hanging on a hook. Like one of those old doctors from the plague era.

I wonder how I'm supposed to get out of here? Hmm This place is like a maze. Doesn't seem to be anything here though. At least nothing dangerous. Huh? What the hell? It's that mask again. Except it's not on a hook... It's on a face... Run? Yeah that's probably a good idea. Running now. Where the hell is the exit? Why do the exits always have to be so hard to find!? Oh god I feel nauseous. I can't breathe. There's something in the air. A neon sign? Vision is blurry. I think it says Emergency exit. I hope I'm right. Oh god I can't run anymore. I feel weak... Crawl! The exit is just ahead...

Friday, 27 January 2012

PsiMe # 35

I'm back on the disc again. The Madman and The Engineer buttons are gone and I can now see there are two lights in the ceiling. I choose The Wizard this time. The now familiar flinging motion and the shattering sound occur and I'm in a room made of stone. It seems like the inside of a tower. There are no doors here but there are holes that lead out onto a stone pathway. It's a castle wall. The only remotely door like thing anywhere near here would be the gate. Please tell me I don't have to pass through the gate. I heard something on the wind. It sounds like... Singing.

"We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow.
But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree.

Singing "Oh willow waly" by the tree that weeps with me.
Singing "Oh willow waly" till my lover return to me.

We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow.
A broken heart have I. Oh willow I die, oh willow I die."

I know that song. That's the song I heard the night my mother died. There's someone behind me. It's a boy. I think. He's made of ice and he's the one singing. I feel like time is slowing down. I can't see his face but I can feel the malicious grin of ages. I feel the glare of his eyes as they bore into my soul, but from within I feel something else. Rage. This is what killed my mother. This is loneliness personified.

The world shakes with my rage and I can feel his grin stiffen. I speak with words. "I am not alone you don't have any power over me." He replies through emotions. I am alone. I have always been alone. Now I am more alone than I have ever been. No matter how many friends I have I will always be alone. I am all alone in an infinite universe. One of a kind. Forever. I tremble. My rage is overtaken by fear and despair. I run.

I can no longer see him as I run along the walls but I can hear his singing growing closer no matter how fast I move. The gate winch is below in the courtyard, but the stairs are too far away. There's no time for caution anymore. I jump from the walls. I land in the courtyard and there is a sharp pain in my leg. He's right in front of me. He's still singing, yet I can also hear laughter. I see the gate winch. I limp over to it and begin turning it. His eyes are on me the entire time. The gate is finally open and I run for it.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

PsiMe # 34

I immediately find myself back on the disc. The Madman button is gone, but the other three are still lit. I choose The Engineer this time and again I am launched forward. Again there's the sound of something shattering. This time I'm in a workshop. There seem to be half finished robotic machines arrayed haphazardly around the room. There's a door. It has an electronic lock and it seems the power is out. There's a generator of some kind in the corner. It has an on/off switch currently set to off. This seems too easy.

I hit the on button and suddenly a klaxon is going off and there are things starting to move all around me! The lights just turned off. O.K. Calmly try and move towards the door. Ignore anything around you. Something just brushed by me. Oh shit the lights are back on and I'm surrounded by terrifying mutilated robotic monstrosities! I'm just going to calmly- OH SHIT RUN! Where the hell is the door? Oh god why are their claws covered in blood!? Door! There's the door! Oh god what the hell is up with the electric chainsaw!? They're trying to keep me away from the door. This is bad. This is very bad! O.K. I picked up a wrench. Let's fucking do this! Charge! Oh god! Die! Die! Die! Door! Open! OPEN! No! DIE! HA HA FREEDOM!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

PsiMe # 33

The disc has stopped spinning. I still can't move. Something is rumbling. I get the feeling this was a bad choice. Oh god I'm being launched at the wall! Door opening! I passed through and there was a sound like something shattered. Hope it wasn't me. O.K. taking stock. The shattering sound was not apparently any of my bones. I'm in a padded room. I'm sure at least someone reading this will make the joke that I probably belong in one, but regardless. There's another body here in a straight jacket. Also more writing on the walls. This time it's in English.

"The cold one roams the parapets"


"The shadows have no caster"

"The god can die"

They're all pretty random and the last one is written in bright red letters. I don't know how they were written since it's not blood and I don't see anything to write with here. Hey there's a key around the corpse's neck. Gah! It's not a corpse! Ah! He bit my hand! Woah that's a creepy grin. Oh shit! He's coming towards me. I need that key, but first I need to stop him from killing me! I need to grab something to use as a weapon, but there's nothing in here?! Fuck it... Tackled! Take this and this and some of these! I think he's unconscious? I'm not waiting for him to wake up. Grabbing the key from him and getting the hell out of here.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PsiMe # 32

I... No... Stop... I can't... Ugh... How did I forget? Did it make me forget? Why would it allow me to be reminded? Was tormenting me like that just too good an opportunity to pass up? Is it so sadistic that it would drop an entire plan just to hurt me further? They call it The City. They say it's all around me. It's this place I'm trapped in. Can it truly be alive? They say they're testing me. What are they testing? Who are they? There are so many questions and I have yet to answer any of them. Where am I? The walls are spinning.

No wait I'm spinning. I'm on a revolving disc. There are 4 buttons set up around the disc each one in front of one of the walls. The walls have a faded imprint of a door in them directly in front of the buttons.  I can't move anything, but my hand. I suppose I have to press one of the buttons and that will open one of the doors. Seems simple enough. There's some writing on the buttons. The Engineer, The Wizard, The Doctor and The Madman. I guess I choose The Madman...