Monday, 2 January 2012

PsiMe # 10

Ow... I think my nose is bleeding... Gah no time for that shadows still coming through the door through the door andholyshitwhatthefuckisthatthing! Dragons do not exist. Just remember that! Dragons do not exist and they definitely don't go fishing. Especially not with fishing poles. Did it just pull a pizza out of the water? That is awesome! Wait wouldn't it be all wet and soggy and stuff? Why am I even thinking about this? Where's the exit? There is no exit... Just endless grassy fields, a dragon with a fishing rod and hat and the pizza fish pond. The sky seems to be made out of glass and in fact I can see some cracks in it. Wait I think the dragon noticed me... SHIT SHIT SHIT it did! Oh god I'm on fire! Ahh refreshing... Nice pizza fish pond... Nice pizza fish pond that's suddenly a river... Oh and of course there's a waterfall why wouldn't there be a waterfall?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're dreaming. Are you sure you aren't just incredibly stoned/high?