Tuesday, 17 January 2012

PsiMe # 25

It's cold here... Very cold... On a suddenly realized note! If I have been keeping track of the post date of the PsiMe properly this post should be releasing on my birthday. If so yay happy birthday to me if not well... January 19 is my birthday so um if that's not today wherever the people reading this are wish me a happy birthday on that day. Assuming I'm still alive. Geez it is freezing here. My footsteps look weird in the snow... they look bigger than they should... Like two people standing in each... Hmm I seem to have caught up to another pair of footsteps. They look just like mine. Wait... Have I been walking in my own footsteps... Yep that explains it... Kind of... Minus the fact that it makes no sense. I'm walking in my own footsteps at the same moment I'm making said footsteps... I'm walking on a mobius strip or something... Hmm what happens if I step to the side... Holy shit where am I?! Ok I'm on the moon now I think... Oh god there's no air! Got to be a way out! The planet! Just below me! JUMP!


  1. Happy birthday. You'd think they'd give you a present for it, and at least let you be warm..

  2. Like two people...?

    That popsicle of a kid is walkin' with ya, hun. Good luck.