Monday, 30 January 2012

PsiMe # 38

I'm back in the city street. Gah! My head! Memories flooding my head again, everything I've been through all the mes... A voice... from far away... "are you ready?" I am ready. "Then step through the door," A door has appeared before me. A door out of the city. I won't go. I won't doom the universe to the same hell you put me through. The door is opening. I can see my parents in their bed. It is trying to tempt me but I will not falter. I have been gone for a month in real time at least. I am dead to them and if I go through I will merely bring them suffering.

The image in the door changes it is now an image of her still alive in her own universe. I could be with her before she died. No. Time is fixed. If I go to her now some day she will be brought into the city and still die. You can not tempt me city all you can offer me is suffering. A statue appears of the frozen boy. The threat is clear, but I don't fear him any more. I have power now. I could have beaten him then and I can beat him now. You know I can.

The City is trying to force me through the door. A pillar has attempted to knock me inside I stopped it with my hand. The room shrinks in size until it is just the door and me and then begins shrinking further. I stop it with my mind. We are now in a room that looks like my house. I brought us here.

The city creates monsters I turn them to dust. The shadows... no The Nightlanders and The Rake arrive I create a door. The Nightlanders break and flee The City. The Rake advances. I force it through the door as well and seal them outside. The City is angry now. I can feel its rage. A door opens beneath me, but I remove gravity. The ceiling forces me down, but there is no ceiling. I am a god here now. You have created your demise.

You can't stop me. You can't force me to follow your plan. No, that is correct. I cannot truly harm you either. I can still inconvenience you. Those you trap within yourself will no longer be powerless against you. I shall be their guardian and you shall never feed again. I summon the PsiMe before me. It no longer serves a purpose. Goodbye.

User has disconnected

Username: Test Subject # 33Alpha S9
Password: MORTAL GOD

Signing off...

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