Friday, 20 January 2012

PsiMe # 28

Oh god I was just eaten by a giant fish! Wait why the hell is there a fish swimming in an ocean of imagination? Better question why was there an ocean of imagination? Better better question how the hell am I back on the city street?! There's someone staring at me... It's not one of the shadowy things or the claw guy... Or the grave digger... I don't think it's me... any of the mes... I want to go to them but I'm scared... this is a trap... It has to be some kind of trap... Fuck it I'm lonely I'm going over there... It's an old man. I'm suddenly in a library and the man is gone... I knew it was a trap... Every single book in this library is written by the same author... Beth Lamnnid. Never heard of her... Weird name. Ok Reading a book called "Of Ascension and the formulization of Deities" Weird title. The book is blank. No wait... Words seem to appear only when I look at another page and disappear when I look back... That sucks I can't actually read any of it... Oh geez that was loud! Well as the booming voice of god has declared that the library is closing now I should probably find my way out... Oh god this place is like a maze... There's just stacks of books everywhere I look. There's no way out! where the hell is the exit?! I'm sure if I don't get out before closing time bad things are going to happen where the hell is the exit?! I'm crying oh god why am I crying. I've been through so much today why is this so much more terrifying than anything else that's happened to me?! I need to get out! Oh god please let me out! No no no the library is not closed! Don't say that I still have time! I must still have time! The lights are going out... It's so dark... So very dark... And lonely... I'm so alone... I hate being alone... I've always hated being alone... I always surround myself with others insert myself into every group because I hate being alone... I've been mostly alone this whole time though so why is it getting to me so much now?! I hate this library. I hate that voice. I hate Beth Lamnnid. I hate the old man. I hate The City. I hate everything in this place... I want to go home... I want to go back to the normal world. Where physics rules and there are no shadow creatures or claw guy and no dead alternate universe me... There's a light... Right up ahead... No books in the light... Nothing in the light... It's empty... Lonely... It needs a friend... I'll be it's friend... I'm stepping into the light...

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