Saturday, 14 January 2012

PsiMe # 22

I'm falling again and I don't even care... It was her... Er... Me. She's still alive... Or this is some kind of time distortion thing and that was her before she died... Why did she push me though? I don't know this is all so confusing. Incoming ground! Wha? Something caught me inches from the ground... Seems like some kind of nigh invisible net... Like... a... web... Shit... Can't get free! Oh god I'm stuck in a spiderweb! Face down! I can't even look around! Oh god the web is shaking! Got to get free! HA! Ha ha! Ok my head is free... Not sure why I'm gloating... That's not really helpful just means I can see my death coming... Speaking of... What the hell! YOU ARE NOT A SPIDER!!! MERMAIDS DO NOT MAKE WEBS!! Or eat people... Well I guess they might in some stories but... Wait how is your tail even navigating the web!? This is too impossible... Even for here... This has no right to exist! and suddenly it doesn't... What the hell? Webs gone too... Wait shit... Ow! Fu... Wait that was more cartoony bullshit! I didn't fall until I realized I was falling what the hell is going on here?! Screw it it saved my life don't argue with the random acts of god. NGYAHH! Humble aren't we? Ahh what the hell?! Get out of my head! It's gone... What the hell did that mean? Oh look a door. I am so surprised and excited... I want out of here...


  1. Mermaid... spiderweb...

    How many times are you going to fall before you STOP FALLING INTO SHIT?!

  2. Gloating is generally not a good idea until you're actually safe.