Saturday, 31 December 2011


Oh god not a person! Dark shadowy shadow perso-Creatu-Thing? Oh god my head! Welcome Mr. Augustus. You were chosen to take part in a test. A very special test. If the test is successful you may find yourself very happy if the test is a failure you may find yourself dead. Do not allow this to alarm you however The City has great faith in you. Ugh... The city? No. The City. It is all around you simply look and you will see. You mean this street? This street and all the other places you have been. They are The City. Including my bathroom? All the places you have been since the impossible door. Ahh O.K. then. So what is this test? Explaining the test will change the outcome. Well that hardly seems fair. Fairness is relative. From my point of view and the point of view of the others it is far more fairness than you deserve. Um... The others? This conversation is over it is time for the test to continue.

PsiMe # 8

-Mo! Sane one it is then. Oh well this is less bothersome. It's just a normal street. Rather empty though. The street lights are also shining out darkness but that's hardly the weirdest thing I've seen today. No imminent danger perhaps this would be a good time to reflect and try to figure out what happened. So last thing I remember I was in the bathroom. Oh right that's something I want transmitted to the world. Well anyways I was in my bathroom and I finished up and left through the door... Although come to think of it I'm pretty sure the door is normally on the right not the left... Ok so I walked through a non existent door. That makes enough sense I guess. At least it makes about as much sense as anything else. Well now I know, kind of, how I got here now the questions that remain are where is here and how do I leave here. Oh hey was that a person?

Friday, 30 December 2011

PsiMe # 7

Ew Ew Ew it's all around me! Gah that wasn't the doorknob! Found it! In in in! Eaghwagh! Gravity shifting!... I am now lying on the wall... It's quite comfortable... I think I'll lay here a while. Try not to think about- Mmm breasts... No damn it! Ok let's move on Hmm there are two doors... One is set in the wall I'm standing on the other is on the wall directly opposite me... Climb through the nearest one or walk through the saner one. Either way for the next few days I'm going to worry about whether I should have chose the other one... Well let's see eeny meeny miney...

Thursday, 29 December 2011

PsiMe # 6

Why glass why?! Two cuts same hand. If there is another window I swear- Oh... Oh fuck... Don'tthinkaboutitdon'tthinkaboutitDon'tthinkaboutit... Ok deep breath. Right after I start worrying about keeping control of my thoughts I enter a room that's covered from floor to ceiling in pictures of nude women. This place is messing with me. I mean there is no way this is a coinc-Oh hello those are nice! Oh god damn it! Where the hell is the exi- Oh you have got to be shitting me! Ok the door is positioned between the legs of a large nude female statue complete with, what I hope is fake, pubic hair... This is going to suck...

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

PsiMe # 5

Ok so that sort of explains how this blog is recording my thoughts but how does it know when to post them. Actually come to think of it how does it seem to know exactly when to post. On a related note that's probably even more curious why does the post date seem to indicate days have passed when it's been at most a half hour? So many questions asked by this answer wait that's a stupid way of saying it how do I edit this... Wait no stop posting my thoughts! agh! How do I stop this thing from... Ok I'll have to control my thoughts from this point on. People might be reading this. Well guess it's back through the window.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

PsiMe Introduction

Welcome to the PsiMe (Copyright 2960) or Psionic Messenger system. Created by Lavern Tinj Inc. The PsiMe system is a device which reads your thoughts and transmits them instantly onto the processing format of your choice. Perfect for writers, Bloggers, Architects and Mindsowers. (Huh?) The PsiMe reads your thoughts via a chip surgically implanted in your mind (Wait surgery?) and translates the thoughts into a text friendly and readable form in the language of your choice. (Cette chose peut faire n'importe quelle langue?)

PsiMe # 4

-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOWFUCKING HELL! K nothing seems to be broken... Ah ha ha ha fuck I'm in the first room again... Wait somethings here? It's a laptop! WTF Mindblown! This... This blog is me... My thoughts... What the hell?! The computers date says the year is 2965. Is this some kind of joke? Oh hey there's a file here with the same label as the blog posts.

Monday, 26 December 2011

PsiMe # 3

Doors open and now... I'm on a beach... Kind of. The water seems to be flowing parallel to the sand. Does not compu- Actually nothings made any sense so far but if my brain hasn't exploded yet obviously I can take it. So let's see what happens if we walk towards the wat- Oh shit oh shit bad things happen bad things happen!!! Falling... I'm falling... I'm still falling... FALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-

Sunday, 25 December 2011

PsiMe # 2

Ouch fucking glass! and through! Ok I appear to be standing on the sun. Not burning I am not burning I am not- Oh hey I'm not burning. Alright there is so much wrong with this but I'm going to try and sum it up. 1. I'm on the fucking sun! There summed up. Where's the exit! Oh god oh god oh god it's getting hot! Oh hey there's a door in the core... How do I get down there? Ok I'm sinking... Oh god it burns it burns! Sink faster Sink faster no whammies no whammies wait wtf am I talking about?! open! open!! open!!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

PsiMe #1

This... Where?... What? I don't even... O.K. so I woke up in... What could only after a severe stretching of the definition be called a room. Apparently this place was made without an understanding of the word room or a grasp of the basic laws of reality.O.K. so I can't really describe the room, but suffice it to say the corners point inwards. Let's take stock. All my body parts present, accounted for and in there proper place. Now let's examine the... Um room. I don't see any way out and no possible way in or possible way for this room to exist, but we've already talked about that. And suddenly there's a window... in a wall... that's on the ceiling... It's been at most a minute or two and already I hate this place.