Saturday, 31 December 2011


Oh god not a person! Dark shadowy shadow perso-Creatu-Thing? Oh god my head! Welcome Mr. Augustus. You were chosen to take part in a test. A very special test. If the test is successful you may find yourself very happy if the test is a failure you may find yourself dead. Do not allow this to alarm you however The City has great faith in you. Ugh... The city? No. The City. It is all around you simply look and you will see. You mean this street? This street and all the other places you have been. They are The City. Including my bathroom? All the places you have been since the impossible door. Ahh O.K. then. So what is this test? Explaining the test will change the outcome. Well that hardly seems fair. Fairness is relative. From my point of view and the point of view of the others it is far more fairness than you deserve. Um... The others? This conversation is over it is time for the test to continue.

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  1. Oh fuck. You just keep getting the short end of the stick, don't you?